Another morning,

the sun rises again from the ashes of night,

once again i woke up dreaming about you.

wishing that you would be still there when i open my eyes to look upon,

as the first morning light desperately tries to get through to gently steal a kiss.

what i wish for is just another moment to linger on looking at you,

your anklet still lies on the floor, reminding me of you walking around on your toes.

quietly softly walking across as if on clouds carrying the nights secret,

as the wind like a lover plays around you whispering stories untold.

i wait patiently looking at you smiling filled with profound peace and satisfaction.

i remember waking you up every morning, moving those silken locks from your face,

kissing you and looking in your eyes, reminding me of the beautiful honeydew drops

on a rose petal waiting for the kiss of first morning sunlight.

The mornings will never be the same again……………