Human being is a social animal throughout his/her life searching for the comfort and companionship of someone.

In short a stupid idiotic creature with such inconsistant mental stability that “IT” can never come to the truce with the fact that living alone may be a probability and instead of understanding and realizing it “IT” is in a constant search of consolation by others. Its pethetic that even after being the smartest organisms we tend to fall victims to such fractured conceptions as “THE ONE” “TRUE LOVE” “SOUL MATE” god give me a break. Most relationship i have seen or been in have just taught me one thing that capitalizing on such formulations is just our tendency because one thing we are afraid of and that is “BEING ALONE”. Throughout human history the only thing we have fought most viciously and damned this blessed planet with war is to be “FREE FROM ANY BOUNDATIONS”. One thing the human civilization is most based on is its urge to be free from bonds exploring its caliber and potential to just go on one more mile …………..

Nobody in today’s world want to be bound and tied down yet when the time comes to be alone we again have this immense need to find someone to just to surrender ourself to. What are we actually afraid of or are we actually just a bunch of pseudo intellectuals talking loud extending some meaningless manufactured thoughts of independence and freedom, self realization, spiritual and human evolution. Setting up a stupid bar code for ourself bounding us and declaring this is the perimeter of freedom, which is actually nothing but just an ethopia or a mirage kept at a safe distance to satisfy and control us. Is it just a illusion being utilized as cluthes for we are just to weak to walk on our own.

The simple question is how you decide what is it ? Just your need, your tendency, dependency, or what else………………for sometime someone is the world for you and one morning you just wake up to realize this is actually not what i wanted. What do we actually want………to be free or is it just another excuse to come at terms with our pathetic sense of self adventure to try and find someone else to but our self before.Image