Under the warm afternoon sun and wind blowing with just enough chill to get your hair standing on there ends i did it again. Yes i did score some and smoked to enter another world of nirvana where i was once again a being with selflessness conscious. A different kind of enthusium and clarity of a dewdrop. Somewhere i was deep down within myself and was what i was and not what i portray, happy and content like a kid, chasing a kite of my thoughts and indulgence i was once again part of the universe i have been ignoring for so long. Sitting stoned with the curiosity of a kid listening to the marvelous stories the world was hiding before from me in detest for long i have strayed from the path of being “HUMAN” to be a “MAN”.

sitting alone at the edge of the river i was taken aback by the staggering strength and patience of it and the love of earth which has for ages been enduring constant devouring mood swing of it like faithful lover. The river running wild and fast in its own mind cutting through and making way anyhow may have never understood the silent love of the earth under it which has been withholding it in its bosom since the beginning (you may love someone very much but the love of a parent if you have for someone it can’t be matched) its something like Rabindranath Tagore said “I may be your lover but i love you like a daughter”.

While i was trying to rediscover and remember the universal language inherited to me long before i taught to read and write symbols of this abysmal race i was raced into another thought about validation and preemptive tries of human being to bind this universe into a stagnant and relative measures of time…………lol. Bother explaining me how does this quantity of ours does have any definite effect upon the things around us. A black hole, a supernova, earth, glaciers, nature or any other blessed thing in this world might not find the concept even a little bit entertaining for them the life is ever-going and what matters is the constant change which comes and learning, observing and LIVING through it so as to be one forever and ever “”AND HERE WE ARE TRYING TO STAMP THIS WORLD TRYING TO LEAVE FEAT-LESS PRINTS IN THE SHADOW OF A QUANTITY WHICH MATTERS TO NONE OTHER—TIME””.