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Impression on the wafer of time, with the light of practicality, and firmness of age.

Hiding beneath the shadow of the doubt under the scorching sun of reality  are my dreams…….

Waiting to be rescued someday sometime…..

Enhanced version of the word taught and embedded in my mind………

Is it true the only way to be a thoughtless mind is by accepting the world over you………

With numbness riding on my nerve a courageous step forward……..

Forces me to take two back in precaution………..

Resistance from within, resistance from outside a never-ending

debate on which words are futile.


Bleeding(maybe in love)

It is just too hard to define what i feel…….

Cold, dark and dead.

Lost in ecastasy in dark, cause here I dont have to see my face.

Not to face others, what is hard is to face myself.

Rotten, a corps in tattered, lying in the cold grave.

Sleeping. Sleeping with the craw;ers but ignoring them.

what is good, is how, they suck on me.

My blood.

What is good, is how, they feed on me.

My flesh.


Gone i want it and myself gone, toxic, perforated disgusted I am.

Is it me ? Is it me still inside ??

Entrapped am I, in inside what, I don’t know, what.

Bright and pure but dirtied. Dirtied by me and myself…………


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